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Cheap Ways To Travel

Finding cheap ways to travel is an option for someone to take the time to plan a trip. Make a detailed list of the selection of the things needed and not needed during the trip. Then search for information on the cost of the cheapest transportation to the destination. Makes the calculation of all required travel expenses should also be done.

Travel does not have to spend a lot of money, especially if the goal is to explore and find new experiences. Below are some tips on cheap ways to travel:

5 Cheap Ways To Travel

1. The preparation that begins at home.
Research before traveling. Do not underestimate your research before moving to buy a plane ticket. For example: A friend has been planning a holiday to Bali at the weekend, when he got there it turned out all attractions are closed and the only airport operations. Do you know why? Because my friend came at the Feast of Religious. When the 24 hours in which all citizens Bali forbidden to move, even to turn on the lights. Finally, my friend was just holidays spent at the airport. Take the time to find information about travel destinations will save a lot of time and money.

Determine your budget streets. One thing that is important to control unnecessary spending is to determine your budget streets. Determine the minimum budget needed for transportation, accommodation, and meals everyday, then exaggerate about 30% to be safe. With the initial budget, you will get the limits and avoid the costs of unnecessary.

Monitor the price of the dollar. Usually I use to see the latest exchange rate. If by chance the dollar is down, you should immediately buy dollars. To exchange a large amount, a penny means a lot.

Monitor promotions cheap tickets. Now there are many airlines that provide massive promo, even up to 0 U.S. dollars. Obviously 0 U.S. dollar is marketing tactics, so you need to look at the terms so as not to be disappointed later on. If you have agreed with all the consequences, promo may be suitable for you. For your information, my friends used to get tickets worth a total of 30 U.S. dollars (including tax) for a one-way to Singapore.

2. Transportation
Be flexible about departure times and travel destinations - for transport tickets are usually cheaper if we depart / return on weekdays than on weekends. Example: Leaving on a Tuesday usually cheaper than leaving on Saturday.

Book tickets since long before the day of your trip departure and compare ticket prices from one airline to another. Often, airlines offer a discount if we book tickets ahead of time, do this and then check the price of the flight with one another.

Use public transport to visit various tourist attractions. Avoid taxis as much as possible, use local transportation to get the experience of living like a local.

Use the legs as a means of transportation if it is still possible. Visit your sights close to your lodging on foot, so order one inn is strategically close to the attractions you want to go.

Use the train or bus for long trips. If you have time, you can select this option. Instead of using a plane, you better use the train or bus is usually cheaper than a plane ticket. By using the train / bus, you can simultaneously enjoy the scenery out there.

Use transportation evening. You can sleep on the train / bus at night, to save costs to rent accommodation. Effective when applied to travel far who spend long hours.

Ask the staff hostel / guesthouse. Ask them about the standard cost of transportation within the city, that way you will avoid the scams that are often carried out by public vehicle drivers towards tourists.

Avoid the cost of a porter with luggage and travel light. Avoid paying more for extra baggage to carry as needed, so that the load to be carried into the cabin. You were freed from the queue to check in baggage, and you do not need to bother using the help of porters.

Use the subscription card. Subscription card (example: EZlink to MRT in Singapore) is very useful if you often use public transport. It also will address the hassles, because the need to exchange the coins for transportation.

3. Accommodation
Find a decent affordable accommodation, book online and then compare prices and book directly from the original website. Use and similar websites to find cheap lodging. Previous Do not forget to check out the website we have chosen lodging, because we are cheaper when booking directly from the original website. There are also several websites that offer discounted rates by half if you book through the site, including hotels in Bali. Then be great if you get a lodge that provides free breakfast to save on meal costs. You can see some reviews of accommodation in this website.

Find a convenient lodging. The inn is close to many attractions will surely save on transportation costs.

Try Couchsurfing. If you are interested to merge with the locals and try to follow their lifestyle, you can try Couchsurfing.

Overnight at the airport. This option can be done if you have a long transit time to the flight. See Sleeping in Airports website for tips on staying overnight at the airport along with detailed information.

4. Food
Buy food and drinks at a local grocery store. Buy snacks, cooking ingredients, as well as fruit from stalls and small shops, rather than buy a larger store or 7-11. Buy a large bottle of mineral water instead of buying a lot in a small bottle.

Bring food and drink your own water bottle. Me and my friends usually bring snacks, food (shredded, jam, sauce sachet, etc.) from home, this was a very great savings our streets.

Eat at local restaurants or street vendors. Sometimes unique and favorite places to eat is known only to locals. Ask the locals you meet on the street.

Avoid the minibar. If you stay at a hotel that has a minibar, make sure you do not take anything out of the refrigerator, the hotel tax is usually very large. Better you buy direct from a local supermarket.

5. Destination.
Plan your route effectively and efficiently. Using Google Earth to plan the route will save you time and money.

Be your own tour-guide. Create your own travel guide book to rely on the internet.

Take a free map at the tourist information center. Many maps are provided free of charge at the international airport and the hotel, the information is no less complete with maps that are sold in stores. Instead, it is usually free map contains a lot of advertising.

Find info free attractions. Many interesting sites that do not require admission fee (entrance fee). Googling and searching for info on this will save you considerable money.

Prioritize wanting visited attraction. Often famous sights set high entry rates. There is nothing wrong if you desperately want to come to these attractions, you need to do is balance it according to your budget streets.

Avoid tourist spot as much as possible. Everything in tourist spots are generally expensive. Limit your expenses as much as possible to bring their own lunch from home and hold your desire to buy souvenirs in the tourist spot, because you can bet the price will be very expensive compared to you bought elsewhere.

If possible, avoid tour packages. Tour packages sometimes just exhausting than fun, because the allotted time to explore the attractions are often limited, so sometimes we feel less satisfied. For that, hire a local vehicle to explore the environment you are in, for example, such as bicycles, motorcycles, or public transportation.

The essence of all the ways to get a cheap trip is making a priority of what you need most. Whenever possible choose the cheapest option of all options available.


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