Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cheap Travel

Soon the school holidays will arrive, if you want to travel economically or find a way to get a cheap travel, you should try the way I show you. I tried to share experiences on the way in saving a couple of times I did. With good planning, itineraries designed and structured itinerary, the travel would be cheap.

As a student, at least have to be very clever to save money scholarships for the purpose of the return home travel. With increasing flow of passengers on routes, also automatically increased airfare on airlines that serve airlines. It makes me have to actively and creatively design a cheap travel.

Doing holiday alone or with family or friends, should be done with the full plan. This is to avoid the appearance of swelling travel budget problems when traveling. Read the first few tips that you can do to keep it cheap travel.

1. First, determine the purpose of the trip. Choose a place or destination in accordance with the budget and interests of all family members or friends. Do not let one specify the destination.

2. After determining the purpose of the trip, find out the cost of admission or other fees that need to be removed when it is there. Figure out something that can be done to minimize expenditure, for example by bringing food or supplies respectively.

3. Look for means of transport that is cheap, convenient, and will certainly hold a lot for a family member or friend who took a sightseeing trip. Always open the eyes and ears for the ticket promo.

4. Select is also a place of lodging that provides free breakfast. This will obviously save consumption costs. Besides promo, always careful with discounts. Yep! Sometimes there are some restaurants will provide discounts or rebates when using a particular credit card or purchase a certain nominal. This info can be found from the local newspaper or magazine or a billboard on the road. Traveling with family or friends to save, would be fun is not it?!


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